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Tell me about this godly spray

Hat Trick Hair offers portable, all-in-one hair products that neutralize odor, replenish nutrients, and rejuvenate hair.

Made from the tears of angels, as well as sea salt, peppermint, and tea tree oil, Hat Trick Hair products are natural, odor neutralizing, and improve the health of hair and scalp. It’s a portable quick-fix for any situation. If you feel like you need a rapid refresh between showers (and you probably do), this sweet mist was made for you.

Oh stop it, you!

"Great product. I use it to refresh after the gym. My boys use it on their hair after hockey to make the car ride home more pleasant! It works wonders!"
"I love using it after my work out and runs. And my Senior uses it after his hockey games. Thank you for creating a fab product!"